Seize the best buy-to-renovate opportunities in Spain.

Our technology analyzes listings from the the major real estate portals in Spain, and gives you access to a selection of properties in bad conditions where you can make have a return of 10% or more.

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Benefits of buying properties in bad condition:

Discover Hidden Gems
Find untapped potential hiding behind neglected properties and transform them into lucrative assets.

Maximize Returns
Investing in distressed properties offers the chance to maximize your returns by enhancing a property's value through thoughtful improvements.

Affordable Entry
Investing in properties in poor condition often means a lower initial investment, opening the door for more opportunities without breaking the bank.

Less Competition
Choosing distressed properties means navigating through less crowded waters, giving you a unique advantage to snag the deals others might miss.

Finding & evaluating the right opportunities takes too much time & effort

Discovering the perfect property demands meticulous evaluation, often involving endless scrolling through various listings. Identifying opportunities aligned with your investment goals requires substantial effort, and the sheer volume of options can be overwhelming.

Streamline your property search with Inmoreport:

Get alerted of new opportunities

Extensive data to validate posible returns

Only properties worth buying

Find top opportunities
Discover unique buy-to-renovate opportunities with Inmoreport.
Our technology analyzes all listings from the the major real estate portals in Spain, and taking into account their return on investment according to different investment strategies, we provide private and institutional investors with a portal where they find only the properties that are worth buying - and all the market and sociodemographic data to back it up.
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Find the best buy-to-renovate opportunities in Spain
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Find top opportunities

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